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Model Railway Layouts

Holland Park
Scale: 00

Holland Park is a 'OO' gauge modern, DCC image exhibition layout. Holland Park is a container terminal with the crane as the Centerpiece.

Dyserth Road
Scale: 00

Dyserth Road is a 'OO' gauge modern, DCC image exhibition layout. Very detailed with a good selection of stock.

Widnes Vine Yard
Scale: 00

Widnes Vine Yard is a 'OO' gauge modern image, DCC image exhibition layout. Super detailing, running mostly freight, but some passanger services.

Causeway Junction
Scale: 00

Causeway Junction is a 'OO' gauge modern, DCC image layout. The layout has 4 running tracks on 2 levels with a station on one side and a large fiddle yard on the other side.

Hillside Model Railway
Scale: 00

Hillside is a 'OO' gauge modern, DCC image layout. I have ended up with a 3 road mainline , 4 road container yard ,engine sheds,4 road terminus station, working quarry,preservation station,long sidings and 2 suburban stations.

Doncaster Blues
Scale: 00

Doncaster is a 'OO' gauge modern, DCC layout with noisy big diesels and grimy rail blue reigns supreme.

Camelot Junction
Scale: 00

Camelot Junction is a 'OO' gauge modern, DCC layout in a three level horse shoe shape with a helix at each end to take trains back under itself to reapear on the other side of the room.

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Falconstower TMD
Scale: 00

An 'OO' gauge modern layout set in the UK, made by a French modeller.

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Stroley Central
Scale: 00

'OO' gauge modern layout. Featured in "Model Rail" the layout is focused on the busy Station area.

Exeter St Andrews
Scale: 00

Exeter St Andrews is a 'OO' gauge modern, DCC layout. From the same owner as "Norwood Park".

P4New Street
Scale: P4

A superb, highly detailed model railway. Scenery includes very realistic Overhead Electric wires and Signal Box.

Model Railway Community

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Model Railway Layout's Forum

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UK Modern Layouts Webring

A large selection of Modern Layouts on the web.


Model Railway DCC and Lighting Conversions

A fantastic selection of Light conversion guides for DCC for Locos and DMU's.

Railway Community

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Youth Rail Enthusiasts Association

Are you under 26? Have a look at this great website for young railway enthusiasts!
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